Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tigers Pregame

This is where we sat. See those 3 people walking up
right above them and a little to the right
is Mom and Dad! :)
Sorry these are all mixed up and so blurry!
I raised the camera up above my head
because there were so many people
Pitchers practicing
The Grounds Crew folding up the tarp

I can't remember what this is called :P
I thought this was cool!

In case you can't read the little blue box.
This historic Tyrus Raymond Cobb bronze
plaque was originally mounted outside the
Administrative Offices at Tiger stadium on
July 17,1963. It was installed here at Comerica
Park on July 1,2005 and is on loan from the City of Detroit
Cobb played for the Tigers from 1905-1926.

More to come!! :D


DrBen said...

Hey! Tiger won that game after a rain delay. Homeruns galore. Granderson, Cabrera, almost by Ryan. What a game! Glad you got to go. I'm jealous.

Gabrielle said...


I think that game was thee most exciting baseball game I have ever went to besides the Bums.

The fans were great!And there were SOOOO many people trying to get autographs from the players.
It was crazy,if you wanted one you had to be rude and pushy to get it!!!