Saturday, July 25, 2009

Girls in Dresses

Jubilee and Bethany. Sorry it's blurry.

Megan and Bethany
:) hehe
Meredith with Bret,trying to make her happy :)
Does it look like it's working???

P.S I will try to get some pics of the other girls in their Dresses soon.Lord Willing.


Rachel said...

Meredith looks a little perplexed at Bret's face! :)

BJ said...

Pic #1. Cool
Pic #2. We can be weird sometimes
Pic #3. Awesome!
Pic #6.Did Merideth start crying after Bret did that to her?.....

Gabrielle said...

Rachel ~Yeah!

Bethany~ 1. :)
2.Yup you can be JK JK! :P
3...don't know what lese to say... 6.I don't know,I don't remember what she did.

BJ said...
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BJ said...

The Cook's had to leave right after Bret did that.