Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evangeline Grace Templeton

Waiting in the waiting room for the sun to rise.
Sorry I couldn't help but get my camera's reflection.

Uncle Sam and Evangeline (sorry it's sideways :P )

Mommy and Baby

Daddy and his little girl

Evangeline,minutes after she was born

Sucking on Mommy's finger


Daddy and Evangeline

Grammama and Evangeline

'I do not like this!!'

Granpapa and Evangeline

Me and the cute little bundle of joy

Evangeline Grace

'Waaaaaaa a waaaaaa!'

Daddy giving Evangeline her first bath.

Daddy doin' a pretty good job for his first diaper :)

So precious :)

So Cute! =]

Here ya go....

Dad,Mom,Evangeline,Sam and I

The Proud Parents

Grammama and Grandbaby :)

Evangeline Grace Templeton
7 lbs 14 oz , 21 1/2" long
Born at 8:21 am.

We Love You,Michael,Nina and Evangeline!! :D