Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Duty

Duty to my country,
Means to do that which is right,
And stand up for liberties,
Though it may take my life.

And if it means sacrifice,
I'll do it willingly,
I count as a blessing,
To set my country free.

For I remember Nathan Hale,
And the last words that he said,
He faced his death before his,
But would not forget his pledge.

Hale's heart was full of courage,
I want one like his, too,
So I can help my country,
Before it goes askew.

But I cannot fight this fight alone,
So why are you delaying?
This battle will be beyond our reach,
And that is why I am praying.

For God to wake you hearts and minds,
To open you eyes and see,
That if you do not act soon,
Where your country will be.

O Freedom loving citizens,
Where does your heart belong?
My love is for my country,
My love is very strong.

At least when I die,
I can say I've done my best,
No coward could you find here,
In this guiltless patriot's chest.

And now I ask the Lord one thing,
That strength to me he lend,
For I will not forsake my country,
My country I will defend.

By Eunhae J. Bolton

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