Monday, August 20, 2012

Indianapolis Zoo

These are in no particular order.

My grandma, Sam, my mom and me.
Baby Elephant, she's a year old. But there was a baby born the day before we went there.

Kids looking at the bats

                                                                     They're Huge!

Some kind of birds, like parakeet, maybe? I should have taken pictures of the signs of the animals too, so I could remember what they are called. That's what you get for being in a hurry.

                            A "thing" in the shape of a buffalo that I thought looked pretty cool!
Cheetahs staying cool in the shade and catching some Z's

Dolphins, my favorite marine animal. Their tank was So Big!!

That's a LOT of salt!

                                                        Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Pink Flamingos

Giraffes. See the little girls skirt? I thought that was cute.

I can't remember what kind of Heron this is.... 

Lazy lion, it was HOT that day. At least 100*. People were trying, very poorly I might add, to imitate the lion's roar. He didn't move a muscle. It was pretty funny!

The lioness is hoping she is camouflage.... some how. =) 

Lizards. Don't ask me if they're Iguanas, I don't remember. 

A meercat.

Again, don't ask me... 

I think these guys are Baboons of some kind.

That little red thing might be a ball....

The elephant on the left is the brother to the 1 year old shown above.

I have a picture from when I was 3 or 4 asking if we could take the polar bear home. ;) 

A porcupine 

Rhinos dozing. Oops, my finger must've been in the way, I had never used a iPhone to take pictures.


A turtle hiding. How did he get in there??

A fat walrus...

has a huge pool!